Customer Testimonials




​The Barnyard is the best place to board and take your dog for daycare in the Roaring Fork Valley. I have been taking my dogs there since 2014. My dogs, Max and Champ go crazy when we pull in and immediately run inside. The staff is very polite, helpful, caring and knowledgeable. I always feel my dogs are very well cared for. They come home happy and tired. Thanks Zach and staff for caring so well for them! 


M. Payne




Our sweet pup, Lulu, is like a child to us. She is part of our family, so of course we would only put her in the best hands for doggie daycare. Barnyard is a second home for Lulu. She excitedly paws at our car windows when we pull in Barnyard's parking lot and rushes to the front door excitedly. For Lulu, Barnyard is a social atmosphere where she can be the free, fun-loving pup she deserves to be. For my husband and I, Barnyard is a loving & safe place to leave her when we need the extra hands. We highly recommend both the daycare & boarding services offered. The staff is like family to us and will provide the best customer service to you & your family! Thank you, Barnyard!

Jacqueline B.




We LOVE love The Barn Yard. The staff is wonderful, caring, knowledgeable, and flexible... but how could you not be if you are surrounded by incredible pups ALL DAY! The daily pics of all the pups playing makes my day!

Thank you guys for all you do! 





Barnyard is a FIVE STAR organization with a FIVE STAR crew offering a safe, secure and loving experience for both boarding and day care for my dog Sammie. Sammie goes seamlessly to Barnyard and returns home equally as seamlessly. 

The Barnyard facility is immaculate and offers Sammie a stimulating and fun environment.  The staff at Barnyard is nothing less than amazing always gracious and accommodating. 

I cannot say enough about Barnyard; the facility and the people are AWESOME.


Buzz & Sookee



We love, love, love The Barnyard — you can leave town knowing your pets are having a blast and are so well cared for!
In our house we cannot say the words “barn yard” out loud because our two Jack Russells get so excited they start freaking out.
It is their favorite place to go. 
Fun for the dogs, and peace of mind for us.





I cannot say enough great things about the Barnyard! They truly treat your pet like one of their own & your dog will come home exhausted from a day of play (and, as they say, a tired dog is a happy dog!!) My Bernese furbaby is my world and I trust the Barnyard staff to care for him exactly as I would - feeding him at the right times, giving him his medicine, if he's boarding, and truly loving him. I am so thankful for the staff at the Barnyard!!


Buster Brown



We always have a great experience and a tired dog at the end of the day.  I have been to other Day Cares in the Valley but none have the quality and care of the BarnYard.   Thanks guys keep up the good work.  Very Clean Facility.  


Scott Wilson 

Joe & Dave



We LOVE The Barnyard!!!  More importantly, Dave and Joe, our dogs, LOVELOVELOVE The Barnyard.  They play with their friends, get lots of love and return home happy and exhausted!  Whether they are there for the day or the week it's always the same.   Best, Cindy 

Jax & Daisy



Our dogs, Jax and Daisy love going to The BarnYard for daycare and boarding. We love The BarnYard because daycare gives us the freedom to spend some extra time at work during the week, and their boarding services give us the opportunity to enjoy some time away from home without worry. Our dogs love their time at The BarnYard and always return happy, healthy and exhausted!!